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We are the leaders in diverse and practical dialogue on the future of the economic, technological and geopolitical relationship between the United States and China.

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What is US-China Series?

The US-China Series is a sequence of events designed to provide a forum for thoughtful debate and critical dialogue on the most important geopolitical relationship of the 21st century.

Each week, we host virtual panels of the world’s foremost experts, who convene to delve into issues such as Technology, Public and Private Market Investment, Trade Policy, Health, the Consumer, Climate, and National Security. We aim to provide a sensible, wide-ranging, and nuanced discussion on how the world’s two most influential nations can move forward for the benefit of us all.

Meet The Founder

Paul, like many China watchers, has been disappointed with the tone and substance of the debate regarding the future of US-China relations. The need for a more sensible and diverse discussion forms the genesis behind the US-China Series, which seeks to rationally cover these complicated issues while being cognisant of different opinions and philosophies.

“US-China Series is not about debating from 50,000 feet. We are looking to get into the weeds and discuss practical solutions to the business and policy impediments we all face. We need a room full of thinkers and doers.”

Paul Krake - US-China Series: London 2019

Our Goal

We want to bring together the most comprehensive and diverse collection of business, investment and thought leadership with the singular focus on contributing to mutual understanding. Only with a clear understanding of intentions, can practical and beneficial outcomes be realized.

Our Upcoming Events



"As someone who has been a speaker at the US-China Series, I value how it brings together people from academia, business, think-tanks, and other realms to provide a more dynamic, holistic view of pressing issues in the US-China relationship... The wide-ranging conversations that I’ve had during US China Series events have helped me see critical issues from different perspectives."  

Professor Margaret Lewis | Seton Hall Law School

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