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Originally co-founded by Paul Krake, US-China Series was formed in early 2019 out of a desire to add well-needed diversity to the conversation over the direction of the US-China relationship. While initially and continually focused on gender diversity, we strive for all stakeholders to have a voice.

Paul Krake | Founder

Paul has over 25 years’ experience as an economic and political strategist. He founded a multi-asset class research platform View from the Peak in 2011, seeing a need for a truly global focus on the interactions between public policy, economic trends, technology, and geopolitics. Paul, like many China watchers, has been disappointed with the tone and substance of the debate regarding the future of US-China relations for the last several years. The need for a more sensible discussion forms the genesis behind the US-China Series. Prior, Paul spent 15 years in Investment Banking and Asset Management


While the toning down of vitriol is in everyone’s interest, this is only the beginning. US-China Series is about recalibrating the debate. There is a need for a Strategic Economic Dialogue, a Strategic Technological Dialogue, a Strategic Investment Dialogue and a Strategic Diplomatic Dialogue, with all voices engaged. US-China Series aims to contribute to this.




With geopolitics and political risk constantly shaping today’s business environment, the insights and discussions sponsored by the US-China Series have become more timely and relevant than any time in the recent past. The US-China Series has been a helpful asset and resource as we continue work to help our clients... Thank you to Paul and Jonathon for their continued outreach on important topics that are setting the future’s course.


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